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Wiz Out

Rolland Wiz Out PPD FREE Permanent Hair Color

Rolland Wiz Out PPD FREE Permanent Hair Color

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• Rebuilds the hair fibre during hair colouring, thanks to the Organic Argan Oil, the eco-spa blend (organic Orange, Clementine and Olive) extrated and processed in spa water
• the elimination of resorcinol and paraphenyleneduanube from the formula and the active presence of açai ethical oil return a colour which is especially delicate and suitable to subjects having sensitization problems
• the minimum ammonia content eliminates the unpleasant smells during application and development for the wellness of both the hairdresser and client in the salon
• the hair is healthy and lustrous throughout time, also after repeated treatments
• the fragrance is allergen-free
• Wizout® allows all the most complex and creative technical services with the maximum care for hair fibre and scalp.

mix WizOut ® with the developer at a 1:1,5 ratio.
It is possible to use a 1:1 dilution ratio in presence of especially refractory white hair.

100 ml cream-gel tube, 84 shades, all mixable together, are available.
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