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Wella Professionals

Wella True Grey Colour

Wella True Grey Colour

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Naturally grey hair can appear dull and dry looking, as the hair can lack shine, and be hard to manage and style. It can also be unevenly distributed and often greyer on the front temple areas. So, Wella Professionals is bringing you its TRUE GREY a new oxidative silver revitalizing treatment, for naturally grey hair. Free of commitment. Free of damage.

Enabling hairdressers to offer to their great clients more than a haircut, reducing the yellowness and leaving hair feeling soft, full of shine and manageable. Fades away to return back to the naturally grey hair with no regrowth line. Not recommended to use dark toners (Pearl Mist Dark, Graphite Shimmer Dark, Steel Glow Dark) on hair which is more than 90% white as it may results in visible regrowth line. (TO BE PROMINENT ON EXECUTION)

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