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Wella Invigo Color Brillance Coarse Hair Mask

Wella Invigo Color Brillance Coarse Hair Mask

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Wella Invigo Color Brilliance Mask for Coarse Hair 

Wella Invigo Color Brilliance Mask for Coarse Hair treats your dull and coarse hair by providing deep nourishment and hydration. Formulated with all-natural ingredients; Color Brilliance Mask has the conditioning properties and forms a protective layer to keep the damaging elements away. Suitable to be used on any hair type and texture, specifically for the coarse and thick hair; this mask maintains the elasticity and strengthens the hair from inside.

Long-Lasting Hair Colour with Proper Conditioning

Balance and complete nourishment with this hair enhancing mask to boosts shine and softness throughout the scalp. This hair mask for fine hair is a volume amplifier mask that proves as the best hydrating hair care product. The conditioning mask is infused with histidine and Vitamin E that controls the fading of colour. This conditioner perfectly addresses serious hair and scalp issues and fights from the damaging environmental aggressors. Apart from soothing the hair cuticles, this hair conditioner penetrates the hair with required nutrients to bring out the best results.  

Antioxidant Shield Technology for Intense Treatment

Wella Invigo colour-enhancing mask is formulated with the silky formula and uses copper encapsulating molecules to maintain the vibrancy of the hair. With the Antioxidant Shield Technology in combination with and Vitamin E, this mask prevents the fading of hair colour and controls the oxidation process. Lime Caviar has the anti-oxidant properties and vitamins strengthen the hair and scalp to the core. The rich conditioner with histidine penetrates the hair cuticle for a high-shine and flawless finish.

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