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Wella Invigo Aqua Pure Shampoo

Wella Invigo Aqua Pure Shampoo

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Wella Professionals Invigo Balance Clean Scalp Shampoo - 250ml 

Combat dandruff and hair damage with regular use of Wella Invigo Balance Clean Scalp Shampoo. It effectively works to soothe and deeply cleanse your hair by removing dust, dirt, summer debris from your hair. This hair soothing shampoo has refreshing and rejuvenating properties that make your locks look fresh and clean. This professional shampoo is formulated using Zinc Pyrithione and Balance- Blend which gives a calming, moisturizing and cleansing effect to individual scalp and hair strand.

An Everyday Shampoo to Fight Dandruff

The professionally curated hair shampoo is designed to eliminate sweat, impurities, sand, and dead skin. The gentle cleansing formula lifts away the day's build-up to leave hair feeling soft, shiny and fresh. This anti-dandruff shampoo delivers much beyond than a wash—you can expect exceptional volume with a lustrous shine, and health, all from this revitalizing hair shampoo.

Skin-Friendly Shampoo with Natural Ingredients

Wella Professionals brings you a sustainable solution with naturally active ingredients that slow down the process of hair thinning and advances hair thickening. The Zinc Pyrithione eliminates harmful environmental particles that can clog your hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. Lotus extracts hydrate your skin and increase the elasticity. On the other hand, Menthol has cooling and scalp-stimulating effects that treat the damaged skin. 

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