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Sweet Professional The First Smoothing Shampoo 3.0

Sweet Professional The First Smoothing Shampoo 3.0

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The First Smoothing Shampoo with a blend of acids that joins the simple proteins of hair, creating chemical bonds through the interaction with heat. 

The world's first shampoo specially created for stretching, now with a new version.

This product has revolutionized the cosmetics market with the fastest straightening technique in the world and for its amazing results.

Using heat to change the natural shape of hair, The First acts on the internal structure of the cortex layer, which is responsible for hair curvature.

A unique blend of five acids that act with heat By interacting with a heat source, it joins the hair's simple proteins, generating a new temporary alignment and creating an immediate stretching effect.


    • Does not contain formaldehyde

    • No need to use gloves and mask

    • It is compatible with all chemicals (guanidine, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, thioglycolate, etc.)


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