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Salon System Lash Lift 1 Lotion

Salon System Lash Lift 1 Lotion

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Lift lotion that is the first step in Salon System's process to emphasise your clients' eyes.

Salon System Lashlift Lift Lotion is the first step in delivering long-lasting, eye-opening lash treatment to help emphasise the eyes. And the emphasis here is on a 'natural look' alternative to the daily use of mascara and mechanical eyelash curlers.

The Lift Lotion is a perming lotion that has a gentle and effective gel formulation that allows for easy application and control (6% thioglycollate).

The process lifts lashes right from the root, helping to enhance the eyes whilst creating the illusion of length and volume. The second and third steps of the process (available separately) are the Fix Lotion and the Nourish Lotion.

All of the lotions in these 3 steps are safe and easy to use with immediate treatment results that will last for up to 8 weeks.

This product should only be used by trained technicians.

Available in 4-ml bottle or pack of 15 sachets. The sachets allow for convenient individual treatments.

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