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Protein Formula For Nails

Protein Formulas For Nails

Protein Formulas For Nails

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Protein Formula 1, I Maintain. 15ml. For normal nails, or in need of nourishment. (based on nailtiques Protein Formula 1)

Its important to buy this product as the range aims to treat your nails and ensure that you return to this one for maintenance in approx 6-8 weeks. Our balanced and gentle Formula 1 contains plant keratins which actively leaves nails feeling healthy and conditioned, combined with valuable AHA's for added moisture. This unique blend helps to maintain strong and nourished natural nails.


Protein Formula 2, I Grow. 15ml. For thin, peeling nails. (based on nailtiques Protein Formula 2)

Our targeted and effective Formula 2 is designed specifically for soft, thin, peeling or weak nails. This concentrated blend of PHA's, AHA's and panthenol will help the nail structure become denser, as it helps to rebuild links between damaged keratin fibres, whilst the vitamin biotin will increase nail strength.


Protein Formula 3, I Hydrate. 15ml.  For dry brittle nails. (based on nailtiques Protein Formula 3)

Our sophisticated and breathable Formula 3 contains a rich concentration of AHA's and panthenol to help hydrate the nails and increase nail flexibility, defending the nails from brittleness and breakage. Active moisturising plant keratin proteins and glycerin leave the nails feeling conditioned and healthy.


Protein Formula 4, I Strengthen. 15ml. For weak damaged nails, either from gel or acrylics or wear and tear of your life style / work. (based on nailtiques Protein Formula 2plus)

Our intensely active Formula 4 contains a powerful combination of Biotin, AHA's and hexanol. This specific formula can help to restructure and strengthen damaged nails, whilst the deeply nourishing blend of ingredients, including panthenol and glycerin, promote moisturised, hydrated, healthy nails.


Application - apply 1 coat every other day, remove after 7 days with non acetone remover and repeat. Continue this until nail condition improves, then move to Protein Formula 1 to maintain.

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