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OSMO- Scalp Therapy purifying salt scrub

OSMO- Scalp Therapy purifying salt scrub

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Scalp therapy purifying salt scrub with sea salt- 250ml

This soothing, purifying scrub provides the perfect initial step in your detox treatment to cleanse and rebalance the scalp. Formulated with sea salt, a natural exfoliant, which gently removes impurities and product build-up while stimulating blood circulation. leaves the hair and scalp soothed, clean and healthy. Can also be used as a pre-colouring treatment to effective remove chemical residues left on the scalp.

Apply approximately one teaspoon to wet hair. Gently massage into the whole scalp. Add a little water and emulsify. Rinse thoroughly.

For best results, follow with Scalp Therapy detangling Gel and Replenishing Mask.

Suited for all hair types

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