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Osmo Ikon Powerlift White Bleach

Osmo Ikon Powerlift White Bleach

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The Osmo Ikon White Bleach is a professional-grade hair bleaching product designed for use in salons. It is formulated to lighten hair effectively, providing a consistent and even result. 

This product features a dust-free powder formula, making it easy to mix and apply. It is ideal for achieving a range of blonde shades, from subtle highlights to a full head of platinum blonde. The Osmo Ikon White Bleach offers the following benefits:

  • High Performance: Efficiently lifts hair colour up to 7 levels.
  • Gentle on Hair: Contains conditioning agents to help protect hair during the bleaching process. 
  • Dust-Free Formula: Ensures a clean mixing process and application, reducing inhalation risk. 
  • Consistency: Mixes smoothly with developer for a creamy consistency that applies evenly.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various bleaching techniques, including balayage, highlights, and full bleaching. 
  • Professional Results: Delivers reliable and predictable lightening, suitable for use in professional environments. 
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