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OSMO IKON Porosity PH Re-Balancer Spray 250ml

OSMO IKON Porosity PH Re-Balancer Spray 250ml

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Porosity hair treatment spray
Balance your client’s natural hair pH using this restorative hair treatment spray, which helps to equalise porosity levels after chemical and lightening hair services. OSMO IKON® porosity spray will help to restore a soft, smooth and manageable feel to your client’s hair.

Clear canvas colouring
This hair treatment spray is perfect for replenishing your client’s natural hair, leaving it as a blank canvas, optimised and ready for your client’s latest choice in hair colour. Application of hair colour treatments beyond the use of this porosity spray will result in bolder and healthier hair colour results.

Naturally enriched formula
Formulated with green tea extract and prickly pear oil, this OSMO IKON hair treatment will provide a conditioning effect on your client’s hair, which will help to reduce static and promote a stunning shining finish.
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