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Osmo Bundle

Osmo Bundle

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Osmo Ikon (Size)

The Osmo Ikon Hair Dye, Developer Powerlift Bleach, and Colourissimo Tint Brush and Bowl Set is a comprehensive kit designed to provide everything needed for professional-grade hair colouring and bleaching. 

This bundle combines high-quality products to ensure optimal results with a discount.

The Osmo Bundle Components: 

Osmo Ikon Hair Dye x 10

  • Vibrant Colours: Available in a wide range of shades, offering intense and long-lasting colour.
  • Conditioning Formula: Infused with conditioning agents to keep hair soft, shiny, and healthy during the colouring process. 
  • Easy Application: Creamy consistency ensures smooth and even application, reducing the risk of patchy colour.
  • Ammonia-Free Options: Select shades are ammonia-free, proving a gentler colouring experience. 

Osmo Ikon Cream Developer 

  • Multiple Strengths: Available in various volumes (e.g 10,20,30,40) to cater to different lightening needs and colour intensities.
  • Consistent Results: Formulated to work seamlessly with Osmo Ikon Hair Dye and Bleach, ensuring even and reliable colour development. 
  • Creamy Texture: Easy to mix with dye and bleach, providing a smooth and manageable consistency for application. 

Osmo Ikon White Bleach 

  • High Lift: Capable of lifting hair colour up to 7 levels, ideal for creating a wide range of blonde shades.
  • Dust-Free Formula: Reduces inhalation risk and ensures a clean mixing process. 
  • Conditioning Agents: Helps protect hair during the bleaching process, maintaining hair integrity and minimising damage. 

Colourissimo Tint Brush and Bowl

Tint Brush

  • Fine Bristles: Soft bristles for even colour distribution and smooth application. 
  • Pointed Tip: Ideal for sectioning and precise application. 

Tint Bowl 

  • Sturdy and Chemical Resistant: Durable plastic construction withstands hair dye chemicals. 
  • Non-Slip Base: Ensures stability during mixing. 
  • Measurement Markings: Inside the bowl for accurate dye mixing. 
  • Wide Opening and Handle: Facilitates easy mixing and handling. 

Have everything you need for a flawless hair colouring experience with the Osmo Bundle Deal. 

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