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Organic & Mineral

Organic & Mineral Semi Permanent Pastel Shades

Organic & Mineral Semi Permanent Pastel Shades

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Semi - Pastel

Organic & Mineral Semi Permanent Pastel Shades Hair Colour.


The Organic & Mineral colouring system is the organic alternative to the standard permanent hair dye and a developers peroxide mixture. O & M professional cream colour uses a delicate ammonia-free formula to permanently colour the hair.

Available in a range of luscious, natural and vibrant shades. organic & Mineral creates intense shine whilst also reducing damage to the hair and scalp through lower chemical levels. 

We find that O & M Colouring Systems does not cause the hair damage or scalp irritation associated with regular salon hair colorants and our client's hair is soon in the perfect condition they were hoping for. 

Hair is stunningly bright and full of vitality that lasts after applying Organic & Mineral hair colour. 

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