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NKD Hydrating Natural Shampoo Bar

NKD Hydrating Natural Shampoo Bar

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This specifically crafted Hydrating shampoo bar uses Phytelene haircare complex to promote beautiful and visibly healthy-looking hair ensuring nutrients are conveyed to hair bulb. 

Using Roman chamomile, known to promote shiny and more lustrous hair. With 60-80 washes per bar, equivalent to 600ml of shampoo, NKD Shampoo Bars are perfect for travels or as a sustainable eco-friendly haircare option. 

Each Bar Contains: 

  • More than 80% natural ingredients
  • Low skin irritancy profile
  • Mild and gentle surfactants  
  • Coconut derived ingredients 
  • 60-80 washes per bar

Can be sold individually or as an assortment. 

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