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INDOLA Root Activating Lotion (8x7ml)

INDOLA Root Activating Lotion (8x7ml)

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Specifically designed for use on fragile, thinning hair, the Indola Root Activating Lotion works to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth by fortifying the hair follicles.


Formulated with Taurine, Carnitine, Tartaric Acid and Echinacea Extract, this professional lotion contains an energising formula which stimulates hair growth and improves hair's density, bringing the proportion of active hair roots to a near normal level of 80% after 24 weeks of application.


Used in combination with Root Activating Shampoo, the Indola Root Activating Lotion reduces non-pathological hair loss after just 6 weeks of continuous use.


- Formulated for thinning hair
- Reduces hair loss after 6 weeks
- Stimulates and restores active hair roots
- More sustainable packaging - made with up to 50% recycled plastic

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