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2AM London Build it baby builder Gel

2AM London Build it baby builder Gel

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Base me up, or don’t babe, with Build it Baby you’ve got options, add strength and overlay the natural nail or take it Next Level and extend that sh*t. Oh, and you can still nail your design looks with your favourite badass shades.

Cure for 60 seconds under LED lamps.

1. Build It, Baby. Dry prep the nails, then paint the nail form with 2AM High Standards.
2. Next Level. Take that sh*t to your desired length. Take it to the Next Level with Dual Forms.
3. Fix It. Place the Dual Form on the nail and cure under a UV/LED Lamp for  60 seconds.
4. Pop It. Pop the form off, build the strength, shape, then paint that bad add nail your fave 2AM gel polish shade or design.


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