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Hair Cosmetics Ltd

HEAD JOG Oval Pink Brush Set

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The Pink Head Jog Brush Set contains ionic and ceramic brushes which eliminate frizz and create silky smooth hair. The radial brushes allow heat to be spread more evenly, so hair dries faster and damaging effects from excessive blow-drying are eliminated. The ceramic brushes emit negative ions when heated and assisting breaking-down bacteria build-up. Hair is left healthy, freshly conditioned with renewed vitality.

Collection Contains:

  • 1 x Head Jog 76 – 25mm Radial
  • 1 x Head Jog 77 – 33mm Radial
  • 1 x Head Jog 78 – 43mm Radial
  • 1 x Head Jog 79 – 50mm Radial
  • 1 x Head Jog 80 – 60mm Radial
  • 1 x Pink Draw String Brush bag