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Head Jog

Head Jog 114 High Shine Brush 21mm

Head Jog 114 High Shine Brush 21mm

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Clever bristle design for high shine locks.

Head Jog's High Shine brushes feature an innovative bristle design which not only gives them great smoothing and shining ability, but also helps reduce snagging and pulling.

The secret is in the angle that the boar bristles have been set at to the nylon mono-filament bristles. This ensures that the nylon bristles detangle the hair while the boar bristles go to work smoothing the hair without trying to go through it as well.

The nylon bristles have ball tips for great scalp comfort and have been infused with tourmaline. That means they generate negative ions as you brush which help to eliminate frizz and generate shine.

The handle is comfortable to hold and in the end you'll find a removable sectioning tool, so you can easily section while you brush.

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