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Gellux Gel Polish Timeless Taupe

Gellux Gel Polish Timeless Taupe

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  • Timeless Taupe: A nude with greige undertones.

Gellux Gel Nail Polish:

  • High-quality gel nail polish with vibrant pigmentation.
  • UV and LED are compatible and cure in 30 seconds.
  • Provides up to 15 days of long-lasting, chip-free wear.
  • Dries instantly to ensure a smudge-free finish.
  • Easy, soak-off removal which does not damage the natural nails.
  • Vegan-Friendly Gel Nail Polish.
  • A great choice for both clients and professionals.


  1. Prepare the nails & clean with Gellux Prep.
  2. Wipe & apply Gellux Fast Bond and allow to dry for 60 seconds.
  3. Apply Gellux Easy Off Base Coat, then cure for 30 seconds with LED light or 2 minutes with UV light.
  4. Then apply 2 layers of your chosen Gellux Gel Polish.
  5. Cure for a further 30 seconds or 2 minutes according to light, between each layer. 
  6. Finally, apply Gellux Top Coat, & cure for 60 seconds LED, 3 minutes UV.

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