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Gellux Easy Off Base Coat

Gellux Easy Off Base Coat

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Gellux is a supreme gel brand with its take of nail polish colours with that salon gel finish. Apply it like any normal Polish but The sheer Strength, Shine & resistant to chip make it a dominant choice for all clients & professionals alike.
  • Recommended For Professional Use Only
  • Salon System Gellux Easy Off Base Coat. Simply brush on like a polish, cures in an instant, perfectly manicured nails that last.
  • Gellux 30 second Gel Polish have the answer to up to 15 days of no chip, no wear, no wait colour.
  • Gellux dries instantly for guaranteed smudge free nails.
  • Simply brush on like a polish and cure in an instant for perfectly manicured nails that last.
  • Polish that stays so perfect it’s like a luxury manicure every day.

Gellux Dries instantly for smudge free nails. Soaks off in minutes. UV and LED compatible. Has become the preferred treatment by many clients as it allows nails to grow whilst nourishing the nail. Available in various colours. 

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