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Crazy Angel

Crazy Angel Blending Brush

Crazy Angel Blending Brush

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Ensure the perfect, flawless tan with the Crazy Angel Blending Brush.

Suitable for use with all Crazy Angel self tan lotion, tanning mousse and tanning mists, this handy brush expertly blends out tricky areas and adds definition to both face and body for a stunning contour.

Super soft, densely packed vegan fibres glide effortlessly over the skin to provide a flawless, streak-free glow that your clients will love!

How to use:

  •  Ensure skin is clean and exfoliated before tanning.
  •  Apply the chosen Crazy Angel tanning product directly onto the skin.
  •  Blend in with the Blending Brush using long, sweeping motion.
  • Use the remaining tan residue on the brush to buff stubborn areas such as hands, elbows and knees.
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water after use.
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