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Keratin Smooth

KS Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatments

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Offer your clients hair that is silky and strong, with reduced frizz and natural smoothness. Try our Keratin straightening treatment with a chocolate scent containing keratin and vitamins.
Our GOLD Alquimist Mask is a reconstructed hair mask with keratin and nano-particles of gold 22K particles. It penetrates high into the cuticle, lining up the capillary fibre and leaving the hair with instantaneous shine.
These treatments will protect against the harsh effects of blow-drying and hot irons, treatments lasting 2-5 months and will keep clients coming back time after time.



KS Chocolate is a high performance hair treatment mask, which combines ingredients to enable a temporary change of the hair structure as they are applied. based on coca extract and with a chocolate fragrance. KS Chocolate is composed by amino acids, proteins and oil of amazon seeds. The composition undergoes a reduction through nano-technology transforming larger spheres ensuring unique penetration. Natural, effective and long-lasting results that reduce volume, frizz and curl leaving the hair looking natural, glossy with movement.