UniqOne All In One Hair Treatment Green Tea 150ml

Hair Cosmetics Ltd

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The Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment 150ml is the first all in one leave in spray mask providing: Repair for dry damaged hair, shine and frizz control, heat protection, hair colour protection/with UVA & UVB filters, incredible detangling, adds body, prevents split ends, makes brushing and straightening easier and gives a long lasting hairstyle with silkiness and smoothness.

A unique concept in hair treatment, which will break the rules of hair care.

1. Repair for dry & damaged hair 
2. Shine & frizz control 
3. Heat protection 
4. Silkiness & smoothness 
5. Hair color protection / with uva & uvb filters 
6. Easier brushing & ironing 
7. Incredible detangling 
8. Long-lasting hairstyle 
9. Split ends prevention 
10. Adds body