Split Screen Mink Tray Lashes C Curl - Volume, Classic & Express

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Eye Emporium Split-Screen Mink Tray Lashes provide the perfect variety of lengths and weights to create an action-packed look all from just one tray, giving maximum usage and minimum waste! A natural effect with a hint of glamour is always a show-stopper with the Eyelash Emporium semi-permanent B-Curl lashes. This subtle curl is a must-have for creating a timeless look that suits a variety of eye shapes and lash profiles.

C Curl -

Choose your treatment:

Volume (0.06mm & 0.07mm)

Classic (0.10mm & 0.12mm)

             (0.10mm & 0.18mm)

Exoress ( 0.20mm & 0.25mm)

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