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HIVE Lash lift/Brow lamination dual serums 1-2-3

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Step 1: HIVE® Lash Lifting Dual Crème is the launchpad to perfect lashes & brows!

Now Vegan Friendly!

Applied to the base of the lashes the highly effective crème enhanced with Hydrolised Silk and Vitamin B3 weakens the disulphide bonds in each hair, allowing them to be re-shaped and lifted around the contour of the shield.

Creating maximum lift, volume and the coveted HIVE® LashLift effect.

Step 2: HIVE® Lash Dual Treatment Lotion - Helps lashes and brows secure that star quality!

Maintain, fix and hold the perfectly positioned and re-shaped lashes and brows with HIVE Lash Dual Treatment Lotion (2).

The smooth, silky lotion is applied to the same area as HIVE® Lash Dual Lifting Crème (1) restoring the disulphide bonds in the expertly crafted new shape.

Step 3: HIVE® Lash Dual Conditioning Serum - The finishing touch in achieving universal lash envy!

A fast acting serum that moisturises and conditions the eyelashes and eyebrows to maintain Hive LashLift results for up to 6 – 8 weeks.

Aloe Vera promotes smoothness and a healthy shine in the hair. The dual functioning Conditioning Serum (3) gently but effectively removes any Tint or Bonding Serum residue for a fantastic finish.