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Clynol Kera Rebuild Spray Serum 50ml

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Description by Kera Rebuild YOUTH Spray Serum by Clynol

YOUTH Spray Serum from the Kera Rebuild series by Clynol regenerate hair fibres and revitalises hair structure. Kera Rebuild by Clynol is a solution for brittle and extremely damaged hair. The various products are enriched with liquid keratin which is a component of hair and as such is able to repair damage. YOUTH Spray Serum also contains keratin. This highly effective serum revitalises the hair structure and regenerates hair fibres. Hair becomes much more resistant and has greater volume.

Highly effective concentrate for revitalised hair

YOUTH Spray Serum by Clynol is used as the last step after shampoo and conditioner. Spray the product evenly on towel-dry hair and comb it through. Then dry and style your hair as usual. The results are visible from the very first application. Your hair looks healthy and revitalised. It is also protected from further splitting. You can enhance the effect of the serum by combining it with other products from the Kera Rebuild series