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2AM London The Essentials

2AM London The Essentials

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Don't be one of those basic b*tches who forgets their gel base coat. You gotta protect those nails babe, and our long lasting gel base coat for longer wear will help to prevent any staining and peeling when using gel polish.

Under it? Babe, no. Get on top with this glossy gel top coat UV and make those gel nails shine for days. Who needs highlight? Your nails are going to be focus enough with this gel top coat used on your gel nail polish.

Always start with first base, babe. Foreplay is never a waste, especially when it comes to super slick gel nails. Use this gel base coat with all 2AM London gel polish to achieve the best finish for all nail types. This long lasting gel base coat will protect your nails and help to prevent staining and peeling.

Throw shade with this non-cleanse gel top coat for a less sticky, smoother and quicker application compared to standard gel top coats uv. As Throw Shade is a matt gel top coat, we would recommend not using on white gel nails and use our glossy Get On Top instead.

Cure gel polish for 30 seconds under LED lamps. 2AM gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks and is 100% gel.

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